Vadim Ngau Dynasty Mastif Way

Vadim Ngau Dynasty Mastif Way
D.O.B. 17.02.2020
Color: Light golden / Cream
?? Import Russia ??
?? Mongolian lines ??
?? 100% chinese blood ??

Lives in my family
OWNER: Anna Domarecka

3 months

For a long time we were looking for a suitable male representative for the lines of light gold, cream and white mastiffs. While searching, we came across a combination of a beautiful pair of Mongolian origin with Chinese lines in breeder Marina from Russia. During the observation, as announced by the breeder, 2 puppies in light gold appeared in the litter – practically cream, we were very happy. Even the prevailing pandemic did not prevent our enthusiasm, we have loved this downy bear from the first days.. thanks to great contact with Ms. Marina, we saw how it grows and develops. Every week more and more impressed. Vadim reached us in June.

We are very grateful to Marina for the beautiful photos, good contact and above all for this beautiful, original Tibetan bear <3 We are committed to giving him a happy life and ensuring a dignified and beautiful dog life with our family 🙂
I believe that we will be proud of our children together

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